IVF Treatment Process

IVF Treatment Process – Things You Need To Know

IVF stands for In vitro fertilization and comprises of fertilizing the egg with the sperm outside the womb of the would-be mother. Discussed below are some important facts about IVF Treatment process that you need to be aware of before opting for the same.

Who can benefit from the procedure?

The treatment method is the best choice for couples who cannot conceive a baby in a natural manner, due to specific problems in either the male or the female reproductive systems.


What are the various stages of IVF procedure?

The IVF Treatment process is completed in various stages which are listed as follows.

  • Ovary simulation: to ensure the development of multiple mature eggs for fertilization.
  • Follicle development: to help the doctors monitor the follicles where the eggs mature.
  • Trigger shot: to help the eggs mature fully and make them ready for fertilization.
  • Developing embryos: fertilizing some eggs to turn them into 6-10 celled embryos.
  • Selecting embryos: selecting the healthiest embryos for implantation in the uterus.
  • Plant the embryos: planting between one to five embryos inside your uterus by inserting a thin tube through the cervix.

What is the success rate of the process?

The IVF process success rate depends on the underlying condition that causes infertility amongst couples as well as various other factors. Whether the IVF will be successful or not is based on infertility conditions and couples age. As per statistical data among 100 sampled couples with successful IVF.

  • 47 couples were below the age of 35
  • 21 couples with age ranging between 35 to 40
  • 7 couples above 45 years

Rate of success will start declining with increasing age of the couples. India is having some of the best IVF centers in the country which managed to bless many childless couple with babies.