IVF Treatment Cost

Cost of in vitro fertilization treatments

Fertility problems in a couple can have a feminine or masculine origin. Sometimes it may be the case that both present, so it is very important that the couple go to a specialist to make a correct diagnosis. Depending on the diagnosis, the medical team will provide the couple with the different alternatives they have within the techniques of assisted fertilization in order to achieve a successful pregnancy. To undergo a treatment or not, in many cases not only will be given by the diagnosis, but there is also a very important factor to consider, which is the cost.

One of the most recurrent questions of women who want to undergo the different types of fertility treatments is:

How much do assisted fertilization treatments cost?

Most clinics do not respond to IVF Treatment Cost without a previous diagnosis. In part this reason is valid, since each case is different, so the way to approach it will be different.

Some women will need procedures of low complexity, such as programmed intercourse or artificial insemination. And in more complex cases it will be necessary to resort to IVFor ICSI, many times needing extra procedures or treatments.

Many clinics do not believe that it is convenient to talk about IVF Treatment Cost without the diagnosis, but this leaves many of the women with the doubt of whether they are capable or not of solving the expense generated by these treatments, so we will then give the approximate costs of fertility treatments in Mexico.

Fertility treatments of low complexity

Cost of artificial insemination and programmed intercourse

The first expense that will be generated will be to attend the first appointment, which costs vary from country to country. In this first appointment, a history and a medical assessment of the couple will be made. Depending on the case, extra studies or not will be suggested. The couple will also be given guidance on the treatment to be followed, and the actual cost of said treatment will be provided based on the results obtained in the assessment.

The second step will be to determine what type of treatment is suitable for the couple in question, and whether or not they need to undergo any of the techniques of assisted reproduction. Within assisted reproduction there are two types of treatments, those of high and those of low complexity, among which there is a significant difference in costs.