Ivf Cost

General Cost of In Vitro Fertilization -IVF treatment

Ivf Cost – The IVF treatment involves the fertilization of the ovum by sperm ex vivo, i.e., in the laboratory making means, as well as special incubators, are necessary. This is what primarily increases the overall cost.

There are two choices for this in vitro fertilization treatment:

Conventional IVF: the ovum, as well as sperm, is positioned on a plate for fertilization to happen.

ICSI: the sperm is inserted into the ovule through a perfect and complex microinjection system. Whose management needs some skill as well as special care and delicacy?

On the whole, assisted reproduction centers tend to use this ICSI more and more for their superior results. There is generally a charge for this practice, but it could occur in a center.

The cost of an IVF Cost may be between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 and generally includes:

  • Controls during ovarian stimulation
  • Follicular puncture for the extraction of the ovules
  • Semen processing
  • In vitro fertilization using conventional IVF or ICSI
  • Embryonic culture
  • Embryo transfer

It is very important to bear in mind that pregnancy does not for all time occur on a first attempt and that embryos are generally left over after the first transfer. Therefore, it is more convenient to consult the price of embryo freezing, the transfer of frozen embryos and so on.

Depending on whether the couple needs a donation of gametes (ova and/or semen) or several other complementary techniques, for example, PGD, the price may go up.

Price of IVF

How much does an artificial insemination rate? The price of an in vitro fertilization changes according to the needs in addition to the requirements of each couple. The average price is USD 4,000 without including the required medication. IVF Cost in India is less compared to other countries

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