Fair Treatment Value

The public health challenge for IVF today is to increase availability and acceptability and to reduce adverse effects without compromising effectiveness.This study will address methodological issues in the design of tests to test less complex protocols than a typical version of standard current protocols.We discuss methodological considerations related to a study in IVF that compares the effectiveness, health economics, and patient discomfort of two treatment strategies that differ in both ovarian stimulation and embryo transfer policies. Method: This was a randomized controlled clinical trial at two large Dutch IVF centers. The Fair Treatment Cost is built on technologies and data science owned by Ila.This takes into
account the pricing of several fertility specialists and centers in the city combined with patient feedback to suggest appropriate treatment costs. The Fair Treatment Cost is a category agnostic pricing engine and
suggests unbiased fair costs. Ila’s Fair Treatment Costs uses data science and empirical evidence to refer to past curves, margins, and spreads.