Cost of IVF Treatments

What Will An IVF Procedure Cost

IVF fertility treatment procedures have helped countless couples to enjoy the benefit of parenthood even when they have been denied this pleasure by nature. The cost of IVF treatments in India is far lesser than what the procedure costs in western countries, which makes India a favorable destination for this treatment. However, the actual cost of the procedure might still vary from patient to patient and depends on a variety of factors.

Factor That Influence IVF Treatment Costs

Despite the procedure being relatively affordable, the Cost of IVF Treatments can prove somewhat expensive depending on the following factors.

  • Location of the couples within the country
  • Type of treatment center opted for by them
  • Exact nature of the treatment to be administered for successful fertilization
  • Total time and cycles required by individual couples for successful fertilization and implantation
  • Need to undertake additional medication and treatments for ensuring success of the procedure

Important Things To Consider

If a patient is in need of advanced technological support in IVF, the cost will go much higher. For example, in case of ICSI treatment the additional cost will be hefty and for FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) process the cost for the patients the cost will be separate, apart from traditional IVF cost in India.

While nothing much can be done to bring down the costs of IVF treatment in terms of nature, time and additional medication, they can surely manage the other factor to control costs. The couples should make sure to choose only the best clinics offering the fertility treatment service through expert medical professionals to bring down the overall costs of the procedure. We would like to add that there will be no insurance coverage applicable under medical insurance policies for the IVF treatment process.